Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Weekend to Celebrate: Memorial Day

I'm soooo glad today isn't actually Monday!

Like many others across the country, we participated in the Memorial Day festivities. What started as just having a few friends over soon turned into a couple dozen more, lol. When do things ever go as planned anyway, right?

Friday started off with this gorgeous view, and the radio wasn't predicting rain either so I definitely had high hopes for the weekend! Friday morning was a little crazy at work, but we luckily got to start our weekend early and I started it off by running errands with my dad, lol.

1. Isn't this early morning sun just gorgeous?
2. I got this super cute invite in the mail for my friend's shower coming up!
3. Had to stop for some "fuel" to get my night started.
4. I came home to my Cara box from Jessica! I'll be posting about what I got tomorrow!!!

Saturday, Boomer would not let me sleep in, so my morning started earlier than I would have liked it to. BUT, I was able to get A LOT done before I laid out for a bit. It also gave me some extra unaccounted for time and I got to play around with a new app for my iPad!!

1. Made some eggs and fixin's in the Pampered Chef brownie pan thanks to a suggestion from Steph! If you haven't seen her weekly food prep skills, you're in for a treat!
2. I did up all the dishes and was probably a little bit more motivated due to my Influenster Palmolive Softouch, lol! I'll be posting my review on that this week...it'll probably go live Friday with #backthatazzup!
3. I made this phone background using the font I designed!!! Thanks to Aubrey for introducing me to iFontMaker!
4. Country line dancing was on the Birthday agenda for my friend! The place was DEAD! I guess because of the holiday maybe? Oh well! We still had fun :)

Sunday was a little prep for the party, and church in the morning. I had every intention of laying out for some more sun and getting in the pool but that never did pan out. There was just too much to do. I DID get to talk on the phone for a couple hours with a good friend that lives too far from me *cries* and it was awesome catching up!

1. Honoring the veterans in the service, my dad's on the right...so proud of him! I'm a daddy's girl for sure.
2. Isn't this just the cutest little tip box?! My brother works at a different Starbucks so I asked the barista if I could take a pic...she was all like sure! I found it on Pinterest! - Eeep! I love it when Pinterest takes over the world my conversations!
3. Dinner with my friend (she took this pic) at one of our favorite restaurants. Zim Zari's! They have awesome salsa...just a hint of something sweet. Yum!

I love parties. I love theme parties, especially when you can go all out! So, go all out we did. Now I feel like I'm super prepared for 4th of July, lol. Anybody else?

I tried a couple of things I found on Pinterest like the red, white and blue strawberries. Super easy (if you have the right kind of white chocolate. Hershey's does not make good melting ones.) The hanky in a mason jar for the utensils.

Also, I tried the red, white and blue fruit punch, Gatorade thing...didn't work for me. I may have to attempt that again or watch a video. Maybe I'm using the wrong brands or something. Anybody actually tried this successfully?

1. My mom got this for Boomer to wear at the party. He doesn't mind things like shirts and apparently scarves, but don't try to put a hat on him! He hates it.
2. I went to about three different stores looking for the perfect combination of red, white and blue flowers. I picked some up at all three, lol. I'm silly, I know.
3. My strawberries...I was pretty proud of these. Obviously.
4. One of the guys at our party is into Origami and made this shirt and tie out of a napkin! I've made these, but not on the spot and not with a napkin!
5. We made our sun tea and then we actually never got around to drinking it. So...that'll be for this week sometime.
6. My patriotic mani! The heart in memory for those that served and the star in support of our country!

Don't forget to check out my Sunday Social post. It's all about Summer and I even put together a Polyvore of my must have summer vaca essentials!


  1. I love sun tea but it never tastes like my Grandmom's used to when I make it.

  2. Omg that baby shower invite is SO cute! I LOVE theme parties too! They're so fun! & I'm obsessed with your patriotic mani... I'm stealing it for 4th of July!!


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