Friday, May 31, 2013

Influenster: Palmolive® Soft Touch™ Review

I received this free product courtesy of Influenster and am providing my honest and personal opinion.

We are Dawn users in our house...hello, it IS my middle name. I've always said I was a flower, soap and an air conditioner. You either get it, chuckle and then move on or you don't. Anyway...I'm not really a fan of dishes, but who is? *looks around*

That's what I thought.

I'm especially not a fan of doing the DIRTY dishes. I don't mind having to put the clean ones away but getting dirty, while cleaning or trying to fit all the dishes into the dishwasher can be such a pain!

After slaving away over breakfast one morning, I had just enough time to get the dishes cleaned so I could start my day. Who am I kidding? I did this over Saturday when I really had no other plans for the day...that's the life but it was put on hold while I participated in a very common household chore.

I was supposed to take a before pic, just imagine that here.

Palmolive is Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands...they may have been soft, but all I could really feel was the dryness. It's rare I dip my hands in a sudsy soap filled sink because we use a wand to wash up the big dishes, but I felt like actually "doing the dishes" that morning. This could have contributed to the dryness I felt, unlike other brands that usually are so hard to get "squeaky" clean. I will say my manicure was a-okay and sometimes that's more important than soft hands to me. Don't just take my word for it, check out their review page to see what others are saying.

I received two bottles, a pink one and a white one. To choose, I went by smell. So the white one; which smelled of coconut put me in the perfect place for Summer and that's the one I kept. Shocking, I know. I love pink so much but it just wasn't what I was basing my choice on this time. I gave the other to a friend and she loved it. We also were given coupons, so I passed those out to all the women at work. Let's be honest I didn't see the need to give it to a guy. Really?!

You can find soft touch™ at Walmart or your local supermarket!

Since it's Friday, I'm linking up with the ever fascinating Whitney for #backthatazzup and this song goes perfectly with a morning of dishes and is reminiscent of where I'll be going today...Disney! I'm off for a day of park hopping around Disney World! What's your favorite ride? Favorite Disney movie?

The Work Song by Disney on Grooveshark

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Heart Mail - Reveal: May Cara Box

Soooo, this was my second time joining in on the Cara box fun! If you don't know what the Cara Box is, you totally need to be checking it out. You can join, even if you're not a blogger! Everybody loves getting something in the mail and even every once in a while putting a package together for a friend, right?!

What's a Cara Box? It's Kaitlyn's (over at Wifessionals) wonderful idea and you can read more about it here. If you love getting mail, meeting new people and trying new things this box is for YOU!

Okay, so with this swap you meet TWO bloggers or non-bloggers if that's how you signed up. One you send a package to and a different person sends a package to you. So I got to know Jessica from All Things Ripple and Carolynn from Kitty Ears!

This month the theme was "Regional" as in where you reside. Since I live in the Sunshine state, you can imagine the sun and fun I packed into my package. You can check out what I sent to Carolynn in her package on her blog.

I loved getting to know Jessica a little bit and she's even from a State I used to call home...TEXAS! Her package came all cutesy, wrapped up with numbers and patriotic like the state of Texas. Isn't is just darling?!

So, I started with a good little girl. After opening up each item and squeeing with excitement I snapped a couple pics of my haul! I loved the BBQ sauce in a beer bottle. Note to self: If I ever market BBQ sauce it MUST be in a bottle. I loved the shirt in Longhorn orange! Never heard of Bucee, but he's so cute and even on my PINK Koozie!!

It's so hard to pick just one, but the Red, White and Blue nail polish TOTALLY came in handy when I went for my Mani this weekend. I actually used the red from a Flip Flops & Polish Swap box I got last month from Kari!

She definitely went all out and I still smile when I think of all the thought she put into this box! Thanks so much friend :) Congrats on your soon-to-be-arriving bundle of joy!

The next box will be announced on June 3rd, so watch to join in the fun!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Weekend to Celebrate: Memorial Day

I'm soooo glad today isn't actually Monday!

Like many others across the country, we participated in the Memorial Day festivities. What started as just having a few friends over soon turned into a couple dozen more, lol. When do things ever go as planned anyway, right?

Friday started off with this gorgeous view, and the radio wasn't predicting rain either so I definitely had high hopes for the weekend! Friday morning was a little crazy at work, but we luckily got to start our weekend early and I started it off by running errands with my dad, lol.

1. Isn't this early morning sun just gorgeous?
2. I got this super cute invite in the mail for my friend's shower coming up!
3. Had to stop for some "fuel" to get my night started.
4. I came home to my Cara box from Jessica! I'll be posting about what I got tomorrow!!!

Saturday, Boomer would not let me sleep in, so my morning started earlier than I would have liked it to. BUT, I was able to get A LOT done before I laid out for a bit. It also gave me some extra unaccounted for time and I got to play around with a new app for my iPad!!

1. Made some eggs and fixin's in the Pampered Chef brownie pan thanks to a suggestion from Steph! If you haven't seen her weekly food prep skills, you're in for a treat!
2. I did up all the dishes and was probably a little bit more motivated due to my Influenster Palmolive Softouch, lol! I'll be posting my review on that this'll probably go live Friday with #backthatazzup!
3. I made this phone background using the font I designed!!! Thanks to Aubrey for introducing me to iFontMaker!
4. Country line dancing was on the Birthday agenda for my friend! The place was DEAD! I guess because of the holiday maybe? Oh well! We still had fun :)

Sunday was a little prep for the party, and church in the morning. I had every intention of laying out for some more sun and getting in the pool but that never did pan out. There was just too much to do. I DID get to talk on the phone for a couple hours with a good friend that lives too far from me *cries* and it was awesome catching up!

1. Honoring the veterans in the service, my dad's on the proud of him! I'm a daddy's girl for sure.
2. Isn't this just the cutest little tip box?! My brother works at a different Starbucks so I asked the barista if I could take a pic...she was all like sure! I found it on Pinterest! - Eeep! I love it when Pinterest takes over the world my conversations!
3. Dinner with my friend (she took this pic) at one of our favorite restaurants. Zim Zari's! They have awesome salsa...just a hint of something sweet. Yum!

I love parties. I love theme parties, especially when you can go all out! So, go all out we did. Now I feel like I'm super prepared for 4th of July, lol. Anybody else?

I tried a couple of things I found on Pinterest like the red, white and blue strawberries. Super easy (if you have the right kind of white chocolate. Hershey's does not make good melting ones.) The hanky in a mason jar for the utensils.

Also, I tried the red, white and blue fruit punch, Gatorade thing...didn't work for me. I may have to attempt that again or watch a video. Maybe I'm using the wrong brands or something. Anybody actually tried this successfully?

1. My mom got this for Boomer to wear at the party. He doesn't mind things like shirts and apparently scarves, but don't try to put a hat on him! He hates it.
2. I went to about three different stores looking for the perfect combination of red, white and blue flowers. I picked some up at all three, lol. I'm silly, I know.
3. My strawberries...I was pretty proud of these. Obviously.
4. One of the guys at our party is into Origami and made this shirt and tie out of a napkin! I've made these, but not on the spot and not with a napkin!
5. We made our sun tea and then we actually never got around to drinking it. So...that'll be for this week sometime.
6. My patriotic mani! The heart in memory for those that served and the star in support of our country!

Don't forget to check out my Sunday Social post. It's all about Summer and I even put together a Polyvore of my must have summer vaca essentials!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Social: Summertime

I have the Kenny Chesney Summertime song stuck in my head so enjoy that while you read through my Summer Memories and Must haves!

Summertime by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark
1. What is your best summer memory as a kid? Not having to go to school…my mom was a SAHM for most of my childhood, so we got to take day trips to places like the zoo, parks and she always had an activity planned for us. Of course my sister and I would play school with lunch trays, a chalkboard and a desk even though it was Summer. That was always fun school though! 2. What is your favorite summer drink? Sun tea. We take a gallon size glass jar with a few tea bags and set it out in the sun for a few hours instead of boiling on the stove. IDK why, it just tastes better to me! 3. What is your favorite summer TV show? So You Think You Can Dance, hands down. I never used to have a "Summer" show, but I look forward to it all year ever since I got hooked!
This is STILL my favorite dance! Alex totally would have won that season if he wouldn't have been injured.
4. What is the best outdoor summer activity? Lounging by the pool or the beach and getting in for a quick dip when it gets too warm! 5. What are your summer vacation essentials? Sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen, beach chair, Rays gear, grill, Maxi Dress, Margatiras and water, a hat to ward off the rays…these are just the essentials since I live in vacation central!
Summer Essentials
What are some of your best memories or favorite things about Summer? Anything you just can't live without during the Summer? Linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cheers for the Three-Day weekend!

I always get excited for a Friday, especially one that's followed by a three-day weekend! Pretty sure I'm not the only one...right?!

This three-day weekend is one that a lot of people are like...remember that it's not just a BBQ holiday. I think that was an ad I saw. Things like that usually cause me to roll my eyes...why do they have to be concerned with what other people think or do? Worry about yourself...ain't nobody got time for that!

For our family, we don't have one person we always remember, we have many. When we bow our heads for grace we're thankful for all the men and women that have served our country. Especially for those that have lost their lives. My grandfather, cousins, other family and friends who aren't with us on holidays or special events are certainly in the forefront of our minds. Even if they're just NOT here since I don't live close to most of my family. I'm so thankful for them even if I can't be with them.

Let's talk plans...I like to think of myself as a planner. A list maker too. Only when I'm motivated though.

I really only have a few plans and they're close to home. Living in Florida, you can't go to the beach on a Holiday weekend without HUGE crowds and that's just not really my thing with the traffic and all the people.

I'm really looking forward to trying out a few things on the grill and hanging by the pool. Soaking up some rays and catching up on all the magazines I've received in the mail and haven't been able to read! Anybody else have that problem?

Work has been crazy this morning so it doesn't even feel like a Holiday, but hopefully we'll still see the end of an early day...maybe? Since it's Friday you know I have to share an old school jam with you. *runs to look through the archives*

We had to hear this song when it came on the radio for a radio contest. You know, keeping it fun in the office!

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend.

Who will you be remembering and honoring?

Fallin' by Alicia Keys on Grooveshark

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Truth Thursday: 10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

1. TV Shows - So You Think You Can Dance, Army Wives

2. Mail - Specifically packages and magazines...the junk mail can go.

3. Starbucks Tall, Non-fat, No Whip Peppermint Mocha. - I drink this year round. I can't imagine ordering anything else.

4. Weekends and every other Friday off. - Like seriously, the only thing better would be every Friday off or not having to go to work at all. Although I have worked from home and I need to interact with people or I get a little crazy.

5. Blogging - Writing, reading and participating online has been so awesome!

6. Reading - I love a good romance, simple easy read.

7. Hanging out with Friends - I have a couple of the best friends anybody could ask for.

8. The beach - THIS is why people live in Florida...or at least this girl!

9. Boomer - I can't wait to get a girl dog, but he's just so darn cute I can't not love him!

10. Sleeping - When I wake up I just want to keep snoozing. I never used to be like that.

I'm not even sure if I posted last week. I've been feeling very bogged down and just want to sit and read or sleep when I get home. It's been a very solemn couple of weeks. I'm so looking forward to the weekend, come on Friday 5:00! We have absolutely nothing outside the house planned. Bliss.

Since Lisette and Catalyn changed #JustBecause from Tuesday to Thursday I'm linking up with them today!

Just Because

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Cleaning for a Party Weekend!

You can't have the party without the prep work first, am I right?!

I was still kind of recuperating from my fall at work a week and a half ago so I tried not to do too much...they're sending me to the doctor to make sure I didn't do anything other than get some bad bruises. No, I haven't really mentioned anything about it on here. I hate being sick/injured so I don't like to talk about it, but if we were hanging out in the physical this past week you would have known because it hurt to I kept saying, while laughing - "don't make me laugh."

Thursday night was Chick-fil-a with Sarah and Star Trek! I love the new versions they're coming out with and the guys are so cute! Star Trek was always a big thing in our house, my dad has seen every episode and movie at least once. It's cute.

Friday, I did run around and get some things to mail out in boxes this weekend. Yes, my lovely cara box stuff and then I also like to send my friends things so that's always fun!

How about just a few pics of the kinda fun stuff, lol?

1. Boomer received his first Barkbox! He was so cute, because I was kind of taunting him with it so he knew it was something special for him. He stole the unwrapped skinny bone and ran off with it before I would take off the tag or get a pic. :P
2. Saturday night, after spending all day cleaning and straightening, my friend Aaron wanted to try this new place to eat in a cute little town nearby. Online people raved about their fried chicken, so of course that's what I tried. It was good! I also tried a bite of his collard greens and they were pretty tasty.
3. I cleaned all day on Saturday so I could have a pampered chef party on Sunday! It was so far a good success and I should be able to get a lot for not a lot! I also made it through the entire party and realized I hadn't taken a single picture! *gasp* So the rep posed for a pick with the "Whip Cancer" balloon!
4. After the party, we just had a lazy evening at the beach. It was cloudy, so we missed the sunset but got a pic anyway.

How was your weekend? Doing something for Memorial Day coming up? As always, linking up with the always lovely Sami!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh Monday, we meet again. Sorry, I can't say I'm a fan as I'd be lying through my teeth. Luckily it's a four day work week for me, so I can't complain too much. Also, having a relaxing weekend helps me shake off the Monday blues.

1. Baby when the lights go out at work what do you do? Take pics of course!
2. I talked about my love-hate relationship with salads.
3. I prempted my delicious dinner with my salad for lunch!
4. Delicious breakfast omelet at the club.
5. We had a surprise when we came out to shop Saturday morning...a Mother's Day shop Bazaar!
6. Picked up these yummy cupcakes to try at the bazaar! Delicious. :)
7. Had my weekly cherry coke float for snack.
8. Mom practicing her #selfie. Boomer trying to steal the limelight.
9. Taking mom out to lunch at the Tampa Bay Brewery.

If you're a mom, happy late Mother's Day! How did you spend your weekend? Linking up with Sami!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Interview with MY Mom...

Since Mother's Day was coming up and she's given me insight into a couple of different posts, or things about my blog, I wanted to do something that featured or focused on her today.

Thanks to some amazing women for putting this together, I chose to be part of a linkup and had my mom answer these questions!

Yes, a three part linkup, but since I'm not a mom I really could only do one of these. Enjoy.

1. How did you feel the moment you found out you were pregnant with me?
I was so excited, that I couldn't wait to take the pregnancy test and then to tell my husband (that he was going to be a dad.)

2. Was I a wonderful surprise or carefully planned?
You were definitely planned! You were our first and we had waited THREE years after we got married to start a family, but it only took a few months to get pregnant.

3. What was the most challenging time in my childhood? Why?
The most challenging time in your childhood was when you were 5-6 years old. Your dad was away at a military school for 4 or 5 months and then only came home for 6 weeks before going off to war for 7 months. There were many firsts that he missed - you started Kindergarten while he was gone, he missed a father-daughter dance, the chicken pox, dance recitals and more things than I can remember. He also left me with not just you but also your 2 year old sister and a dog.

4. Did you worry more about me as a child or now that I am an adult?
I worried about you then and now, mostly because you are my daughter, I love you and I want what's best for you.

5. What is one thing that you thought was deeply important when I was a baby that you now realize did not matter at all?
I think that when you were a baby it was important to have little friends to play with but our friends didn't have children or they were so much older than you that you just hung out with the adults or whoever was around and you were just fine with that. You just adapted so well!

I love my mom, as I've grown older our relationship has adapted and we spend a lot of time together enjoying the same things!

I hope you're spending the day with someone that inspires you...whether it's your mother or someone else filling that role.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Social: I was, I will

Happy Saturday!

Since I'm doing a special post tomorrow for Mother's Day I'm posting this a day early! Linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

1 year ago I was...getting ready to start a new job. I was stuck in a rut, making almost nothing just above minimum wage and taking on more responsibility without any more money. No thank you!

I'm sure it felt like I had been searching for months, not getting anywhere when I found the job I have now. It took longer than I wanted, but was totally worth it. I love the job I have now, the people make going to work everyday pleasant. Love as in like enough to want to go to work but if we win the lotto, I'm totally not going to work everyday!

#photoaday shot from May 12th, 2012 / Kitchen - Fun Fact: I'm having another Pampered Chef this same month this year!

5 years ago I was...getting ready to graduate college or had just graduated? The "dates" always throw me. I was the only one out of my circle of friends to finish art school that semester. The rest of them followed in December!

This was our final - A Studio Opening displaying our work. Group shot FTW!

10 years ago I was...graduating high school! That was sooooo long ago. Crazy!

Ya'll had a High School graduation "after" party with a theme too? Right?!

1 year from now I'll be...planning for an awesome Summer, spent at the beach and my last Summer in my 20's! Maybe dating a guy or planning a wedding? This single girl just doesn't know but that's where I'm hoping to be! *crosses fingers*

5 years from now I'll be...33 and OMG I can't even imagine being that age. Let's get to THIRTY (30) first!

10 years from now I'll be...let's pretend this prompt doesn't exist. If I'm not married with two kids, I'm pretty sure Jesus came back or the Apocalypse happened because I'll be TWO years away from 40. *face palm*

Friday, May 10, 2013

Eating Healthy: My love-hate relationship with salads...

Happy Friday friends!

Since today was - I told one of the girls that was picking up lunch that I really needed to eat a salad.

Doesn't that just look...yummy?!

*shakes head no*

I just don't get it. I want to be healthy and skinny so bad but I don't want it bad enough most of the time to force myself to eat things like this most of the time. I want the full fat, high sugar food all the time! At least right now...very little self control.

I've had periods in my life where I've managed a healthier weight...still not skinny, but I was at least only a little over average and not obese. My short 4'11 and 3/4" frame should be 120 MAX and I haven't been there since I was 12! You know this picture? I think Kate Moss quoted it and people ran with it.

See how there's a little word crossed out and added. Healthy. We'll get back to that.

I haven't ever been skinny as an adult. I was just coming into my female figure when I put on my first set of 20 pounds and if I would have been able to maintain right there, that would have been AWESOME! But it just didn't happen. After my first set of 20, came the second and third. Even in high school I was the fat cheerleader, happy but not as healthy as I should be.

What really needs to change, is my thought process. I need to alter my brain toward something more like this.

With this one I don't have an excuse like I've never known the feeling...but I CAN understand that the delicious food I just stuffed myself with is now heavy in my stomach and not so pleasant.

Now this one...when I go on a date I won't order a salad, but I know that most of my bad decisions are the things I eat later at night or when nobody is around. Sure, I snack with friends but more often than not they're there to help me make better decisions. I severely lack self control most of the time and not just with food.

I know I'm harder on myself, and that there are lots of changes to be made when eating healthier. I just always imagine how much easier it would be if I could get the body I want without all the hard work, lol. The definition of lazy right there!

Thanks for listening to my healthy food binge rant! Here's to another week of being human and not being perfect. How about some jams?!

Wannabe by Spice Girls on Grooveshark

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Truth Thursday: My Most Embarrassing Moment

I've had many of these over the course of my meager 28 years on this earth, but the most embarrassing probably comes straight out of 1998.

*waves* Hello Middle School, kinda sheltered version of myself.

Science class. Not the bane of my existence, but certainly not something I excelled at. I was more of an artsy type. Anyway, in middle school we had to give a presentation about some form of cancer. I have no idea what mine was...or what any body else did, except ONE. Ever heard of testicular cancer? I needed a little help with that one.

After giving your well researched, practiced, speech it's obligatory to ask the class if they have any questions. Sounds good right. Usually people are mildly curious about this or that. Well, I'm looking around and nobody is asking the most valid question in my I raise my hand.

12 year old self: "What's a testicle?"

Student giving presentation looks around, probably not sure how to answer such a stupid question.

Teacher: "Heather, we'll discuss that later."

Middle School Harlot: "They're balls, Heather."

*Me smiling and nodding*

You can bet your behind I never raised my hand for a question like that again! I had no idea what I had asked!

So, what's the most embarrassing thing to happen to you? Maybe something similar. I have a few more stories like this as my naive-sheltered-ego learned what a lot of words meant, lulz!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin' Weekend

1. My weekend started with some Country line dancing...I love going so often that I'm able to do more dances!
2. Friday morning my first appointment was an oil change. Boo. Car maintenance is no fun, but a must.
3. I joined the gym Friday.
4. Then after a 60 minute treadmill tryout I got a Mani-Pedi. Always a good thing.
5. Friday night was monthly food truck rally, tried a new truck. This had risotto, it wasn't something I'd get again.
6. Saturday was not as eventful. After another round of working out, I tried out a Glossy Box tea bag I received.
7. Dinner drinks with the bestie.
8. Sunday was laundry I'd been putting off all weekend.
9. I finally got my pink mixer!!!

We had a low key Cinco de Mayo this year with drinks, chips and salsa on the patio after the sunset. It was a good end to the weekend, especially since I've been battling a Spring cold all weekend and am finally feeling the effects of it I think! How was your weekend?