Monday, April 1, 2013

Truth Tuesday: My Parents

My relationship with my parents is...a good one. 

It better be, since I live with them! Yes, I live with my parents. No, I'm not a creeper that lives in the basement. Yes, I have a full time job, could afford to live on my own and choose to live with them.  I have my own life and they have theirs but right now I'm just not in a place to live by myself. More on that another time...

Throwback photo with my dad and sis...pretty sure he just got back from the first Gulf war.

They are my traveling companions. The people I can say "I want to do this, but I don't have anybody to do it with" and they'll go with me. For the most part, we're not really into seeking out friends and could be very comfortable never leaving the house.

I couldn't ask for better parents and am truly blessed. Sure, we've had disagreements and I can't wait to be the woman of my own house but while I live there I continue to build a strong bond and even better relationships with both of them.

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  1. I'm jealous of your relationship with your parents.
    Keep that because when it is gone you will want it back.

    -Heather Ann


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