Thursday, April 18, 2013

Truth Thursday: If I could live anywhere...

Welcome to my Truth series...on days that begin with "T" :)

Yes, normally I've been posting on Tuesdays but I like to switch it up a bit.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would have to say the Carolinas. They're gorgeous, the weather always looks wonderful and there's history. It doesn't matter to me which one, although North Carolina does have the mountains and the beach. :) I live in the beach world now on the Gulf but I've always loved the Carolinas.

I should probably let you in on a little secret though.

*looks around and whispers*

I've never been to either!

*sad face*

Shocking, I know. Being an Army brat I've lived lots of places, traveled to even more and yet I've never made it just a few states to the North.

So, since I've never been there how do I know I would want to live there?!

I've seen it in movies and TV of course. /sarcasm Because we all know that's what it's really like. You can believe everything on TV.


From one of my fav TV shows.


Ohai there Mr. Tatum. I very much like you in my beach view. *smirk*

I can't wait to visit and I just need to get off my bum because it's no more than 6 hours to South Carolina. Road Trip! With all that being said, I love where I live. Vacation just a few miles away for a staycation every weekend is more than I could ask for. I just imagine living somewhere else once in a while.

So, are you living where you would if you could live anywhere?


  1. I've lived in South Carolina my whole life. Between seasons, there are always a few weeks of back-and-forth between the hot weather and cold weather, but when it's nice when it finally stays hot or cold. I hope you can visit soon! Myrtle Beach, Charleston (not North Charleston), and Aiken are lovely places to visit if you've never been here.

  2. You totally have to road trip it!! Very fun!


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