Monday, April 15, 2013

My Interesting Food Weekend

Boo. I'm not a fan of Mondays. Ever.

one. i woke up not so happy and then I had to kill this guy. couldn't take a pic until he was good and dead. sorry for the gross pic. sorry, i'm not sorry.
two. Saturday morning I got my lazy tush out of bed and garage sale'd it with mi madre. she found some good deals. i did not. good for my spending freeze!
three. Saturday was all about the food. this was my mid-morning snack while working on la blog.
four. lunch was el cheapo ramen noodles with spicy cheese. if in doubt, add pepper jack it always makes things better.
five. dinner was food truck munchies! *grins* I love me some Jimmy meatballs, Korean BBQ style and death by chocolate balls. *licks lips*
six. always up for a little country line dancing and the place was packed Saturday night. no bueno with all the smoke. *cough*
seven. finally had my inaugural outing with my new cowgirl boots. floor courtesy of 3am munchies (sobering up friends) at Steak and Shake.
eight. hello Ikea. i'm glad we are friends even if I can't spend money on you right now.
nine. ahh mail. i'm getting my package ready to send for the Stepping into Spring Swap *claps* can't wait!

I linked up for Sunday Social yesterday, and talked about the twitters, so check it out!

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p.s. Hello, four day work week. I've missed you.


  1. Hi there, stopping by from the linkup. I LOVE garage sale-ing, but I get so pissed when I don't find anything good! Looks like you had a good weekend, minus the spider (ick) :)

  2. I would freak out if I saw that spider... I HATE SPIDERS! Good job killing it, I always make someone else do it lol. I went garage sale-ing this weekend too.. I only found one good thing, but that's better than none I guess!

  3. Ramen is always great!

  4. Eek!!! I had to kill a large spider the other day and I was dyyiinnnggg!!!! Over from the linkup, now following via GFC!


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