Monday, April 29, 2013

My Beachin' Weekend

Let's start with Sunday at the beach since those pics took up the top half! No saving the best for last with this girl! :) Sunday was beach day, grilling and a stop at Rita's before we headed out to Sarah's house. I will say we won't be staying on the "mainland" like that again though because the traffic was horrendous!

So, funny story. You should probably be aware that I don't care to learn most things if I have someone around that knows how to do it for me. Unless it's plug and play I don't know how to hook up any electronic. It took me almost two months before I plugged in my Blu Ray player because I was afraid it would be too technical.

Anyway, see the charcoal burning away...well I actually helped start this with my dad's proven method. Aaron had never done it using newspaper, always a little bit of lighter fluid but my dad had explained in detail so we tried it. After the second try we gave up, started boiling the water and then when we were serving the hot dogs up I ended up outside for some unknown reason. Only to find that the charcoal had caught fire the second time we were just too impatient, haha!

Friday, Sarah and I actually visited a couple gyms in the area to see which was a better fit for us. I kept saying we interviewed them, lol. We are giving the Y a trial run tonight, so we'll see how it goes.

My second Glossy Box came in the mail Saturday. I love that it doesn't come at the same time as my other subscription boxes so I still have something to look forward to at the end of the month.

Saturday morning I had very little motivation, so I'm surprised I got a walk in, lol. I took my dog out and tested out the Nike App I downloaded just to see how far I usually walk him. 3/4 a mile isn't bad since we do this a couple times a week. I just need to amp it up!

So how was your weekend? I'm looking forward to a four day work week and a little working out tonight to get this body healthier!


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend!
    Stop by some time

  2. what a fun weekend! I havea step counter on my phone and I love using it to see how far I can go! its called "moves"

    a new follower!


  3. I have no idea how to start any charcoal business.

  4. What a blast! We actually had nice weather, but not nearly that nice. I don't want to be in a bathing suit yet any ways :)

  5. It looks like you had a great time, I want to go to the beach!

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