Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye Taxes, Hello Spending Freeze Violations

Happy tax week! I'm one that files just as soon as I can because I want my refund. My refund this year went to buy new tires. Not fun, but I was a responsible adult. Paid much more than I want to, but I know they'll last and be good to me like my last ones were.

What'd you spend your tax money on this year? Or maybe you don't get money back and get a larger paycheck throughout the year?


*face palm* This was kinda me last year. I thought I was getting back twice as much as I normally do because I didn't click the "pay taxes button" or whatever. Then when it took almost a month to get my refund they sent me a letter letting me know...IDK but I would think the online form should have some sort of error when you don't click that button. Just sayin'.

Well it's the middle of the month, I thought I would let you know how my spending freeze is going. Since I allowed myself to still have dinner or lunch with friends I've been able to get away with eating good food and having a good times! I do have a few violations to share with you though. *clears throat*

Date of infraction: April 8th
Purchased: Heidi Swapp Memory Files Album
Amount: $8.99 (BOGO for two = $6.75 ea)
With: Debit Card
Note: HS started a FREE craft project on her blog. The only thing I had to buy was this book. I could have waited until after spending freeze to purchase, but it was BOGO this week! *cough* I have yet to start on this so-called book I bought. *cough*

Date of Infraction: April 13th
Purchased: Magazine Subscription x2
Amount: $10 for both!
With: Credit Card
Note: I definitely could have waited, and I was going to fill out a postcard subscription with Bill me later checked, but that always makes me nervous so I Googled the double subscription and found an even better deal. Original was $16.97 for both.

I've already started compiling a pic list of what I want to buy when May 1st hits. *SMH* This isn't probably how it's supposed to work, but I'm doing the best I can!

I don't think I've done too bad. Under $20 what I would consider frivolous, impulse buys. Haven't ran out to get lunch and the only Starbucks I've stopped for was my Birthday drink!

I really want to see the move 42 so I'll have to find someone to go with if I want to see it. Yes, I'm one of those people that see movies by myself...hey, what's a single girl to do when she just doesn't have that one person so do things with, huh!?

I've also been able to spend some money on the blog box exchanges I'm participating in this month. That's helped with my shopping fix. Stepping into Spring Swap AND Carabox. I've loved getting to know the girls I was paired up with and sent my first box yesterday!

I'll be doing Truth Thursday this week since I'm talking about taxes and violations today!

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  1. Ugh I owed money this year. Hopefully will be back on track next year. Hated mailing that check :(


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