Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Truth Tuesday: 9 Things I would tell my 16 year old self

In case you noticed, yeah...I missed last week. I already had this written down I was just too lazy to type it! *face palm*

1. You should work harder in high school to lose the weight…having to be in gym or working out during cheerleading isn't a bad things and you'll wish you did it sooner. You might have one slimmer year in the next 12 years, but even then you'll still be overweight.

Just a little snapshot from my high school days!

2. You still won't be married by the age of 28, so date all the boys you can. This will make you sad on occasion, but that's okay because you have some pretty awesome single friends.

3. Start taking art classes now so you'll know what you want to do when you get to college and maybe even graduate early!

4. Grow some balls. Be dangerous. Take risks. Do all these things while there is very little consequence.

5. Your acne will eventually go away in about 10 years. Blargh. You'll still get the occasional breakout, but it won't be as bad!

6. Start a blog and keep it going. Along with that, buy up all the cool domain names you can come up with. Also, run with your online yearbook idea…someone else came up with something similar and made way too much money.

7. Go to a college that has a football team.

8. Take more pictures.

9. That disc man, cell phone, digital camera and map will be replaced by an iPhone that does almost everything.

I'm working my way through this list of prompts. There were 10 things initially, but I couldn't for the life of me think of a tenth thing!

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Beachin' Weekend

Let's start with Sunday at the beach since those pics took up the top half! No saving the best for last with this girl! :) Sunday was beach day, grilling and a stop at Rita's before we headed out to Sarah's house. I will say we won't be staying on the "mainland" like that again though because the traffic was horrendous!

So, funny story. You should probably be aware that I don't care to learn most things if I have someone around that knows how to do it for me. Unless it's plug and play I don't know how to hook up any electronic. It took me almost two months before I plugged in my Blu Ray player because I was afraid it would be too technical.

Anyway, see the charcoal burning away...well I actually helped start this with my dad's proven method. Aaron had never done it using newspaper, always a little bit of lighter fluid but my dad had explained in detail so we tried it. After the second try we gave up, started boiling the water and then when we were serving the hot dogs up I ended up outside for some unknown reason. Only to find that the charcoal had caught fire the second time we were just too impatient, haha!

Friday, Sarah and I actually visited a couple gyms in the area to see which was a better fit for us. I kept saying we interviewed them, lol. We are giving the Y a trial run tonight, so we'll see how it goes.

My second Glossy Box came in the mail Saturday. I love that it doesn't come at the same time as my other subscription boxes so I still have something to look forward to at the end of the month.

Saturday morning I had very little motivation, so I'm surprised I got a walk in, lol. I took my dog out and tested out the Nike App I downloaded just to see how far I usually walk him. 3/4 a mile isn't bad since we do this a couple times a week. I just need to amp it up!

So how was your weekend? I'm looking forward to a four day work week and a little working out tonight to get this body healthier!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Social - Childhood

Hello friends! It's Sunday and I'm headed to the beach, but before I go I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

These are all fun childhood questions!

1. Did you sleepwalk as a child? Eeep. Yes! I would do all kinds of crazy things in my sleep. Strip the bed for laundry time or answer the phone.

2. Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house? My mom likes to tell the story of when I tried to run away and how I couldn't get my suitcase out of the house because it was too heavy. I was 5.

3. Did you have any imaginary friends? Not that I know of.

4. Did you ever go toilet papering? Nope. I was terrified of getting in trouble!

5. Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren't allowed to watch? TV shows, no but my mom had this rule we weren't allowed to wear shorts unless it was 70 degrees when we left the house so we would wear shorts under our pants and take them off when we got to school. I have no idea why this question prompted that answer, lol!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Heart Mail - Reveal: April Cara Box

Hey Guys! Hope you're having a superb Saturday. While I've been a little productive (got a walk in with the pooch) I have strayed to completely brainless sites like Twitter and Bloglovin one too many times this morning. Forgive me. I'm easily distracted. *shrug*

I wanted to share with you what my awesome swap partner Kate from Another Clean Slate got me in my April Cara Box!

You can see what Kate got from her other swap buddy here!

What's a Cara Box? It's Kaitlyn's love brain child and you can read more about it here. If you love getting mail, meeting new people and trying new things this box is for YOU!

This month, the theme was...Go Green! In honor of our beloved earth's birrrfday! April 22nd...That was this past Monday, so hopefully you took advantage of some of the specials that were going on. Anyway, off topic. Go Green can mean so many things, right?! Endless possibilities and OMG Kate sure did spoil this girl!

She had all these cute little messages on the green wrapping. So adorable!

Then inside each wrapping was the correlating gift and I knew which one I wanted to try first!

The book and the jelly beans! Okay, so that's two things but those were my first simultaneously. A good snack with a good read! I'm saving the herbs until I can sit down with plenty of time...don't want to be messing up my first attempt at gardening, lol. I'll be bringing the jelly beans and book with me to the beach tomorrow to devour. Literally and physically. *nods* The note cards came just in time when I was running out of my other stationary. Does anybody else still use stationary?

Such an awesome first Cara Box thanks to Kate and I can't wait to see what next month's theme is! Will you be joining?!

I can't wait to link up with everybody else and see what they got! Here's a pic of what I got my other swap buddy, Brittany! You can check out her reveal here.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Heart Mail - Reveal: Stepping into Spring Swap

Happy Thursday lovelies!

I signed up for my first swap since entering blogland and what a better first than one that involves TWO of my favorite things, right?! The Stepping into Spring Swap focused on Flip Flops *flail* and Nail Polish!!!

With this one we had a spending limit. Boo. However, I'm sure it kept me in check because I can tend to go crazy since giving gifts is one of my "love languages".

I got paired up with Kari over at La Bella Vita Blog and it was so great getting to know her! We share a lot of the same likes, dislikes and even the same city sometimes. *shrug*

So *deep breath* are you ready for the big reveal?!

I opened the box to this super sweet note and lots of pink tissue paper with polka dots!

When I flipped back the tissue paper I was greeted with a super cute pair of flip flops in pink and mint, lip gloss and polish!!!

Hello my colors of the Season! I love the gorgeous red polish...such a perfect Christmas color, but it's summer when I'm usually all about pink or french! Soooo I'm not sure if I'll wear it for Memorial Day or wait 'til July 4th. You catching a trend?! I'm all about color coordinating Holidays, lol. :)

She also included her favorite lip gloss and I have yet to try this kind though I've seen it in countless magazines. Thanks so much Kari! I loved having you as a swap partner!!! You can see what I sent to her by checking out her blog!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day

Hello Monday, we meet again.

one. I'm starting with Thursday night when I got my Spring Swap box! Thanks Kari...detailed post coming this week :)
two. Friday was shopping at the mall and we saw this elderly woman reliving her glory days around the ring. Fascinating.
three. Had lunch with my dad and found this when I came out of the restaurant. Luckily it wasn't an inconsiderate fool. Just an old man that shouldn't be driving.
four. Saturday morning was this nice stroll on the beach. We don't usually get waves on the Gulf Coast, but there was a storm coming.
five. Sunday had a Pampered Chef party and we had this yummy, healthy dessert! Cucumber and Lime...need I say more?
six. Celebrated a new place on the beach for my good friend Sarah. I'm so glad she moved out to the beach so I can spend all my extra time there.

I linked up for Sunday Social yesterday, and talked about random things that might have involved Friends, Shoes and Coffee, so run along and have a looksie!

I'm really looking forward to an inspiring and spiritual Spring Girls Night Out tonight!

Don't forget to check out the lovely ladies I'm linking up for this post below!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social - Friends, Shoes and Coffee

Ohai there! Hope you've had a grand weekend so far! I'm just glad it's not quite Monday yet...but I know the dreaded day is coming! I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

1. What is your shopping weakness? Shoes, bargains, Target $1 Spot. I can't wait to buy these shoes after my Spending Freeze is over! 2. What is your food weakness? Sweets; Cookies, Cupcakes. They sadly pack on the pounds too. :(

3. What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on? TV shows are my go to...and Friends is my main squeeze. 4. What is your go to breakfast food? Since I'm not really a fan of breakfast foods *gasp* it would be breakfast burritos w/sausage or Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Biscuit but only half the biscuit. Too much dough!

5. Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it? It has to have sugar and sweet, mostly flavored cream, but if I'm being specific it's a non-fat, no whip, peppermint mocha from Starbucks. At home, I just add some peppermint mocha creamer. *grins*

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Finally Friday! Ramblings?! I think so...

This week has been beyond belief. Especially with the tragedies stacking up and the ever wonderful heroes we've been blessed with in this Country. My heart and prayers go out to all those still dealing with the events that happened this week.

The job I have now is awesome in that we work nine hour days to enjoy every other Friday off. Awesome, right?!

Today was mine and I was soooo looking forward to it since I switched with a girl for Good Friday and worked two Fridays in a row. Yuck!

I went Country line dancing last night for a little work out...it was ladies night, no cover and free drinks. We agreed we weren't going to drink, but when you get there and they aren't playing the "regular" or "good" songs that I think of as line dances i.e. Water Melon Crawl or Copperhead Row, you can't not have a drink.

It's also amazing to me how the dynamics of the night change from 9:30 - 10:30. We go from being the youngest, to feeling like the oldest at 28. Plus, the amount of youngsters smoking rocked my world. Have they not seen the infomercials?! *shakes head*

Bonus points if you read that in your best Chandler Bing impersonation.
I for one would be happy dancing for days if they ever did a comeback!

So, last night was a blast and then I had lazy ideas for today and a hope to get some blog posts scheduled. Yeah, not so much. I like to read so I sat down to sunbathe and finished this book. So good, it makes my heart melt and the tears flow. I love sappy romances and if they come with some steam that's fine by me.

I got to know these two ladies pretty well when I was in the Twilight fandom and am so happy for their success! I also love reading their stuff and being able to share it with all my friends without going into the talk of "what is Fanfiction" *nods* that makes me sooo happy!

If you haven't checked out Beautiful Bastard or Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren, do it now!

I was supposed to work on some design for a friend, but dude - I don't even have time to finish my blog design how am I supposed to have time to do something else? Seriously though, I'll be doing that after I finish the latest episode of The Client List and grab some chow.

I missed the weigh in I've been participating in two weeks in a row, partly because I didn't have any good things to share ( I have a big problem with self control lately) and also because I have a hard enough time getting up in the morning, let alone making sure to blog about my weight and blogging about losing weight the night before I actually step on the scale in the morning isn't really kosher, lol. Victory was on my side so let's see if I can keep it up.

I was also on the big P this week so that always makes me feel all kinds of heavy. On the plus side, I stumbled upon this little ditty and laughed my tuckus off!

I'm still a newbie blogger in the sense that I don't know if I'll ever be an everyday blogger or be able to commit to certain posts a week. Maybe one day I'll get there? I'm thinking I'm commitmentphobic a good chunk of the time?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings on this Friday afternoon. How about some Country? You know they played this song last night!

My Maria by Brooks & Dunn on Grooveshark

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Truth Thursday: If I could live anywhere...

Welcome to my Truth series...on days that begin with "T" :)

Yes, normally I've been posting on Tuesdays but I like to switch it up a bit.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would have to say the Carolinas. They're gorgeous, the weather always looks wonderful and there's history. It doesn't matter to me which one, although North Carolina does have the mountains and the beach. :) I live in the beach world now on the Gulf but I've always loved the Carolinas.

I should probably let you in on a little secret though.

*looks around and whispers*

I've never been to either!

*sad face*

Shocking, I know. Being an Army brat I've lived lots of places, traveled to even more and yet I've never made it just a few states to the North.

So, since I've never been there how do I know I would want to live there?!

I've seen it in movies and TV of course. /sarcasm Because we all know that's what it's really like. You can believe everything on TV.


From one of my fav TV shows.


Ohai there Mr. Tatum. I very much like you in my beach view. *smirk*

I can't wait to visit and I just need to get off my bum because it's no more than 6 hours to South Carolina. Road Trip! With all that being said, I love where I live. Vacation just a few miles away for a staycation every weekend is more than I could ask for. I just imagine living somewhere else once in a while.

So, are you living where you would if you could live anywhere?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye Taxes, Hello Spending Freeze Violations

Happy tax week! I'm one that files just as soon as I can because I want my refund. My refund this year went to buy new tires. Not fun, but I was a responsible adult. Paid much more than I want to, but I know they'll last and be good to me like my last ones were.

What'd you spend your tax money on this year? Or maybe you don't get money back and get a larger paycheck throughout the year?


*face palm* This was kinda me last year. I thought I was getting back twice as much as I normally do because I didn't click the "pay taxes button" or whatever. Then when it took almost a month to get my refund they sent me a letter letting me know...IDK but I would think the online form should have some sort of error when you don't click that button. Just sayin'.

Well it's the middle of the month, I thought I would let you know how my spending freeze is going. Since I allowed myself to still have dinner or lunch with friends I've been able to get away with eating good food and having a good times! I do have a few violations to share with you though. *clears throat*

Date of infraction: April 8th
Purchased: Heidi Swapp Memory Files Album
Amount: $8.99 (BOGO for two = $6.75 ea)
With: Debit Card
Note: HS started a FREE craft project on her blog. The only thing I had to buy was this book. I could have waited until after spending freeze to purchase, but it was BOGO this week! *cough* I have yet to start on this so-called book I bought. *cough*

Date of Infraction: April 13th
Purchased: Magazine Subscription x2
Amount: $10 for both!
With: Credit Card
Note: I definitely could have waited, and I was going to fill out a postcard subscription with Bill me later checked, but that always makes me nervous so I Googled the double subscription and found an even better deal. Original was $16.97 for both.

I've already started compiling a pic list of what I want to buy when May 1st hits. *SMH* This isn't probably how it's supposed to work, but I'm doing the best I can!

I don't think I've done too bad. Under $20 what I would consider frivolous, impulse buys. Haven't ran out to get lunch and the only Starbucks I've stopped for was my Birthday drink!

I really want to see the move 42 so I'll have to find someone to go with if I want to see it. Yes, I'm one of those people that see movies by myself...hey, what's a single girl to do when she just doesn't have that one person so do things with, huh!?

I've also been able to spend some money on the blog box exchanges I'm participating in this month. That's helped with my shopping fix. Stepping into Spring Swap AND Carabox. I've loved getting to know the girls I was paired up with and sent my first box yesterday!

I'll be doing Truth Thursday this week since I'm talking about taxes and violations today!

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Interesting Food Weekend

Boo. I'm not a fan of Mondays. Ever.

one. i woke up not so happy and then I had to kill this guy. couldn't take a pic until he was good and dead. sorry for the gross pic. sorry, i'm not sorry.
two. Saturday morning I got my lazy tush out of bed and garage sale'd it with mi madre. she found some good deals. i did not. good for my spending freeze!
three. Saturday was all about the food. this was my mid-morning snack while working on la blog.
four. lunch was el cheapo ramen noodles with spicy cheese. if in doubt, add pepper jack it always makes things better.
five. dinner was food truck munchies! *grins* I love me some Jimmy meatballs, Korean BBQ style and death by chocolate balls. *licks lips*
six. always up for a little country line dancing and the place was packed Saturday night. no bueno with all the smoke. *cough*
seven. finally had my inaugural outing with my new cowgirl boots. floor courtesy of 3am munchies (sobering up friends) at Steak and Shake.
eight. hello Ikea. i'm glad we are friends even if I can't spend money on you right now.
nine. ahh mail. i'm getting my package ready to send for the Stepping into Spring Swap *claps* can't wait!

I linked up for Sunday Social yesterday, and talked about the twitters, so check it out!

Don't forget to check out the lovely ladies I'm linking up for this post below!

p.s. Hello, four day work week. I've missed you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Social - Twitter

Happy Sunday! I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social. This week is all about Twitter...so let's see, shall we?

1. When did you join twitter? July 30, 2009. My how times have changed. This account has had so many names, but it all started during my Twilight Fandom days! I found this neat site that gave me the exact date. Thanks interwebs!

2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow? If you're funny and tell me what to read, like, do, I'll probably like following you. I really like to keep up with bloggers through Twitter!

3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow? @HeidiSwapp because I. want. to. be her. She's such an inspiration and I just love her.

4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet? I think Rhonna Farrer responded to a tweet one time, but I have the worst memory. *shrug*

5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow? @Amazon @Target I must know if they're having deals, especially music ones.

6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.
@Quoting_Country - if your love of Country songs is more than an addiction...they'll supply your fix.
@kassiah - She's good for a laugh and with website questions!
@KrystalS - Absolutely love her blogs! So much inspiration. So much pretties.

I love Twitter for the realtime convos I can have. None of this Facebook commenting back and forth. Talk to who you want to. Done.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Truth Tuesday: 20 Things About Me

one. I love pink. With a passion.
two. I have an addictive personality.
three. I am allergic to Avocados and Watermelon. Sad.
four. I was born in Germany and lived there 'til I was 2.5 years old. #ArmyBrat
five. I love boys in hats...and wearing hats.
six. I'm a chocolate addict. See #2.
seven. I love Twilight. I was obsessed.

eight. I love Jesus.
nine. I love to read. Simple, easy reads...I don't like having to think and I love a HEA.
ten. The Gerbera Daisy is my favorite flower. Pink of course.
eleven. I hate scary movies.
twelve. I'm still afraid of the dark. *whispers* Sometimes I sleep with the light on.

thirteen. I love Country music and sound tracks.
fourteen. I hate traffic.
fifteen. I can't stand the sound of people chewing or swallowing.
sixteen. I've been a singer my whole life, but I'm not good at reading music.

seventeen. I love cupcakes and probably bake better than I cook.
eighteen. If I could wear flip flops every day, I would. Probably why I live in Florida.

nineteen. Most of my clothes come from The Gap or Victoria's Secret.
twenty. I'm super picky about oh, you know...EVERYTHING.

Stay cool, Hollywood and go to Trader Joe's...you know you want to.
Linking up with Lissette and Catalyn for Just Because.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Busy Laid Back Weekend

Boo. It’s Monday and I had to get up early because we have a photographer coming by the office for mega pics.

*smh* Not a fan.

This week I thought I’d try the simple photos collage. So I patterned it after Sami, hope she won't mind.

one. getting mail is always good. especially when it comes from a close friend in Hawaii. I *heart* you kimmyrmel!
two. Friday night they had Angels in the Outfield playing in the park, so even though I went by myself I couldn't miss it.
three. woke up way too early on Saturday to go garage sale'ing (verb?) with my mom.
four. hobby lobby happened. when my #spendingfreeze is over I'll be buying these icing bags.
five. lounged by the pool with the pooch. he hates water. silly dog.
six. received my first #glossybox :)
seven. the cherry coke float came back into my life. I've had three this weekend...this is why I can't have ice cream and cherry coke in my house at the same time.
eight. lunch with my parents. tried a new place. girls wore next to nothing, but the food. was. delicious.
nine. could have broke the #spendingfreeze for these flip flops this weekend. will be going back May 1st.

I linked up for Social Sundays yesterday, so check it out!

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