Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Truth Tuesday: Fears

Fears, I has them...

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.) Heights - 

This is a pretty common fear. One most people would think of when they talk about their fears or the fears of someone they know. I'm not really sure where this one started for me, but I know when it hit the peak.

A few years ago I took a day-trip with my parents to Daytona. No, not during racing season...have you seen how busy that place gets?! Anyways,  since we were up that way my mom thought we should visit some super old light house. Dad and I were like *shrug* sure, why not.

We get there, they have all this great history about light houses and the reflectors type schtuff. Pretty cool. When you go to a light house, people usually take the 200+ steps to the top since you're already there.

Good idea...unless you're afraid of heights, probably. I made it a little over half way before I had a legit panic attack. It's not just the height since we're enclosed and I can't see outside...it's the fact that the metal stairs have holes and the backs aren't closed in so ANY MINUTE my foot could slip right through and there I'd go, plummeting to my death!

I sat down right in the middle of whatever landing I was on, thank goodness they have them every so many steps! I told my parents to go on without me...at this time I had no idea how I would make it out alive, or even if I would make it up to see whatever it is you expect to see at the top of a light house. I eventually gave my metabolism and fear some gusto, making it to the top for about 8.3 seconds before I turned around and went as fast as I could handle down the steps of doom.

2.) Vomit -

Yeah, you probably read that and were like...WTF?! It's real. Keeps me from doing crazy things like drinking too much or hanging out with anybody that's sicko. If I was to guess when this started I was probably 4-5 years old. My sister puked on me once as a toddler and then I remember puking all over my mom's bed after having a full meal and Dilly bar from DQ. I could tell you what I ate before every single time I've thrown up. It's sad and disgusting. We also had this little girl in kindergarten that got sick at least once a day. Being a kid and all, I have no idea what she had that made her get sick everyday and my childhood memory could be exaggerating.

It's also one of the things that I fear most about having kids in the future. I can't handle being around anybody puking. *shivers* In movies I plug my ears and close my eyes because I can't even handle it there. My biggest fear about flying isn't crashing...it's what would I do if I heard/saw someone puking in a seat nearby and I couldn't escape to my happy place. *crosses fingers* this hasn't happened...yet.

This was a #raphotaday one day this month...I don't just take random pics of toilets.

If I ever feel like I *might* get sick, I have breathing exercises and prayers I chant religiously until the feeling subsides. I will lay there in agony instead of relieving myself. The correct term is Emetophobia. I has it.

3.) Creepy crawly things -

You know when you're laying in bed and you swear you felt something brush against your leg? Yeah, I JUMP out of bed, flip on the lights (if they're not already on) and flail around checking to see that there isn't anything on or near where I was.

I also can't kill any bugs or spiders without something that sprays...I'm afraid they'll crawl out from under whatever object I'm trying to squish them with! Hairspray, Lysol, Air freshener, etc. These are a must in my house.

What are some of your fears? Maybe you are afraid of kites or something?

I'm linking up with Lissette and Catalyn for #JustBecause this week.  :)

Thanks to this little list of things I'm going to be sharing Truths on days that begin with "T" with you! If you end up playing along, link me in the comments so I can check out your fears too!


  1. Spiders creep me out, too. I try to catch them and put them outside (since they do eat other annoying bugs).

    I am uncomfortable about homemade casseroles and thick soups/stews. You never know what someone threw in there!

  2. Ughhh. I hate spiders and heights too. No fun.

  3. Heights are a big one for me. I feel like I'm going to fall when looking down. I also am deathly afraid of enclosed spaces. Especially if they're teeny tiny. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day! Followed you from SITS.


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