Monday, March 11, 2013

My mostly lazy, yet uber successful weekend...


This weekend was my Friday off, so we got the party started a little early with some line dancing at a local country bar on Thursday night! I hadn't been in MONTHS so I was totally excited to go and this time I went with some girls from work. Yay!! Sadly it was too dark inside and I totally forgot to take pics before :( So, no shots for you...don't worry I totally had a couple at the bar! *wink*

Then, when I got home I accepted a friend request from  a childhood friend I have not seen or heard from in over 20 years...until last weekend! That makes me feel soooo old! Since we got to chatting, I didn't get to sleep until 3AM which is super late for this girl that starts her weekday at 5:25'ish.


I slept in as long as my body would let me since I'd had a late night and then headed to the tire shop.

They cost a pretty penny, but the guys were supah speedy and got me out in time to get my hairs did. Nothing special just a little trim since I'm hoping to chop it all off in the Fall and donate it again. :)

After a quick chat with a good friend that moved to Ohio, I met my mom and her bestie at a Local Scrapbook Shop to finish out our Scrapbook Treasure Hunt/Shop Hop! The theme this year was places...and here's our little afternoon tea. Plus a shot from another store last weekend!

I was supposed to do Birthday dinner with my family, but my dad did something to his back so instead of going out to eat we got some pizza and stopped by Coldstone to pick up a cake!!! Love me some of the actual cake with the ice cream allllll in ONE BITE! Delicious!

I ended up at a friends' place to watch some TV/Movies and for the life of me I can't remember what we watched. I was trying to work a little on my blog, giveaway, Facebook and just totally spaced it. 


Another day of sleeping in...bliss. Followed by a lazy-stayed-in-my-PJs and continued to be productive on the computer. Seriously, nothing exciting happened...unless I'm forgetting something.


After church and a quick stop at Target to pick up the book Beautiful Bastard, we FINALLY had my Birthday family dinner and I got to open my presents!

My parents just know me and got me a small-everyday-necklace to wear...well, everyday! I never realized how terrible the lighting was until we started doing Birthday dinners there, but at least th backdrop is nice...without the almost-photobombing'ish guy on the right, haha!

Overall, it was a very laid back, but accomplished weekend. I love those weekends, and especially since this next one is shaping up to be a doozy I took total advantage of it!

How about you? What did YOU do this weekend? Link up!

 *whispers* don't forget about my first giveaway!

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