Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Lucky Streak

There are times when I feel really lucky; in love, winning and even getting everything I thought I wanted. The whole grass is greener on the other side nonsense. Recently I wouldn't have thought I was lucky at anything, especially love...then I had what felt like a mini lucky streak!

A couple of weeks ago I was hell bent on winning tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert. If I was ANYWHERE near a radio, it was on and my fingers were ready to dial. I even went so far as to program the call-in numbers into my phone. The thing is I didn't really want to go to the concert to see Kenny. 

Of course I "like" him. He has a TON of songs I know by heart, some think he's nice to look at but he's not my favorite and THAT is why I wanted to win. I definitely wasn't going to pay gobs of money to see him when all I really cared about were the third and fourth billed acts, haha! Love me some Eli Young Band and can't wait to see the NEW Kacey Musgraves!!!

Okay, back to being lucky. 


Every Tuesday, one of the Country stations in the Bay area has Ticket Tuesday where they give tickets away every hour. I listened one whole Tuesday...nada.

So, I went through the next week listening for the times they would be giving them away. I even called the wrong number, early on the second Tuesday trying to win.


Luckily I didn't wake anybody up, because I bet they'd have been royally pissed! After the early morning mis-dial the DJs announced they were holding the lines until they could get the numbers people needed to call in on announced. To mkae it more fair, I definitely seconded that because if you don't call in right before they even ANNOUNCE they're giving tickets away, it's already busy!!!!

So even though it was busy, people were still calling guessed it, THAT is when I managed to be the correct caller!!!! O M G. Being at work and winning isn't as fun as being in your car I would think...I couldn't scream and shout and let it all out. Hahaaha!

Smiling with my tickets!!!
 After I won the tickets and had my concert buddy all lined up I realized just two days before that I had won a random drawing at a Vickie's Invite Only Event. Could I be on some sort of lucky streak? Don't things like this happen in 3s? Well, I didn't go out and play the lotto or have anything else fabulously lucky happen to me...but I think, I'm secretly hoping I still have one lucky thing coming for me! *fingers crossed*

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  1. I LOVE Kacey Musgraves! Congratulations on winning tickets... I've never been so lucky.


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