Monday, March 18, 2013

My Crazy, Busy, Lucky Weekend

This weekend like most people I partook in some St. Patrick's Day festivities! However, if I told you that was the highlight of my weekend, I'd be LYING! *evil laugh* No seriously, you'll see why below.

To be honest I really couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was a bit on the chilly side the whole weekend. So cold I even saw people walking around in North Face ski jackets along the beach. No Lie. I was warm and cozy inside, so I didn't get any shots of those silly people. What can I say? We don't like the cold down here!

After a mani-pedi where I let the nail tech choose a different color on my toes :\ We tried out a new place for dinner. Apparently this is the only one in the States? A little pricey for casual dining, and not so out of this world that we felt good about paying that much for food.

Then we ended up at an old favorite for some tasty drinks and a few snap shots of us!

We were just doing the usual, say cheese pose when our borrowed photog said something and none of us heard her. After she repeated herself "aren't you guys having a good time?" We all busted up laughing and apparently my laughter is meant to scare some. *rawr*

Eeeek! Country concert! Even though I went to bed super late on Friday night after a whole week of no sleep and some drinks, my stupid body was all "get up early on Saturday even though you don't have to be up for hours." *rage* We were supposed to meet at a friends' house to head to the Kenny Chesney Concert, but decided we had too many things to do before hand and said to just let us know when they got to the stadium...wouldn't you know, they ended up right behind us on our way into the stadium!! How awesome is that?

The tickets I won were probably considered cheap seats, but...they were FREE so no complaining from this girl! The whole day was a blast, from tailgating to hanging out and entertaining ourselves in the seats while we waited for the different acts to start. Kasey, Eric and Kenny were sooooo good. I was severely disappointed in Eli Young Band's live performance. Not sure if it was their sound crew or just lead singer's lack of enunciation that ruined their set. :( He's still a cutie though!

A friend scored some sand bar tickets, right up next to the stage and she got some great shots!!! This is the third year in a row that Kenny has kicked off his Summer tour in Tampa and last year I was there as a volunteer, but that doesn't mean I didn't sneak down to the field for some shots! Hers were the two on the left and I took a pic of the screen of Eric. 

Pssst! Did you see the pink alcohol?! pink. check. alcohol. check. sweet. check. affordable. check. The only one I didn't try was the watermelon flavor since I'm allergic :(

June '12, Brothers of the Sun Tour, Jake Owen

We did have the munchies when we got out of the concert and our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. It also didn't help that the apps were 1/2 price!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you were wearing your green or I just might have pinched you, lulz! Only if I knew you though, seriously...I'm definitely not one to go around pinching random people. Here's a shot from last year on St. Patty's Day when we went to Downtown Disney.

St. Patty's Day '12, Downtown Disney

It was Ah-mazing to me how many people just don't wear green! For a girl obsessed with Holidays, I just don't get it. *shrug*

Had a workout session with a friend this afternoon, it's always nice to have a little company and motivation. This is me on the way to my workout! Even have my green on for exercise, lol.

Splotchy skin is not from woorking out yet...I just have to re-learn how to apply sunscreen every year.

Sooo, this St. Patrick's Day ended with a BUST! We ended up with rain on the Gulf Coast, so even though there were awesome festivities to be rained a bunch of them out. I did enjoy dinner and a few drinks with some friends, but it totally low key. They gave us the option to turn any beer green. Thank you food coloring :)

Oh! We were in a city that has Irish roots, so we had a bag pipe playing high school group and singers come through the bar. Sorry for the blurry pic, he was almost done with his song and I didn't want to miss it!!!

I had my first giveaway and announced the winners here! Thanks again to all that entered. You're the best. *blows kisses*

What about you? Were you able to get into some shenanigan's this weekend too?! Head on over so Sami's and link up!

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