Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eating Healthier - When you start...

Am I the only one that right before starting a diet or making healthier choices find myself cleaning out the fridge kitchen?

I was really hoping to have my weekly weigh in this week, but it looks like my new scale won't be here in time to join in the weekly weigh in with Erin & Alex, so unless I use my other scale, I'll have to start next week...which lets face it I usually weigh myself right before I get in the shower anyway. Next Wednesday is also the day I leave to go back to the sticks for a wedding...blah. 

For someone that enjoys planning and going to "themed" events I pretty much hate weddings. I know, how sad...*rolls eyes* IDK what it is. I love planning events like Birthday parties, baby showers, anything EXCEPT weddings. So if I had an event planning business I'd have to name it something like Everything BUT Weddings :)

I did my Couchto5K workout today...I thought I was doing really good. Since I'm completely out of shape I went ahead and did week one twice, just to be safe because last Spring when I tried this same thing I ended up hurting my knees and didn't try again for months.

So, up until TODAY! I was feeling fine, no knee problems...but you guessed it. Super rough day, especially at work going up and down the stairs. *sad face*

I'll keep trekking and maybe I'll try out 30 Day Shred tomorrow to give my knees a break.

What do you use to workout with, especially if you're a total NOOB like me? Oooh! Forgot to do my arm workout. I think some Gossip Girl is in my future while I get my reps in!

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  1. i would love to be an event/wedding planner! i like your idea for Everything BUT Weddings :)


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