Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloglovin' Bloghop

Happy Monday,

I'm linking up with Postcards from Rachel and Northern Belle Diaries for the Bloglovin' Bloghop to help all of us stay connected since Google Reader is for sho going away and there's a strong possibility GFC could go away.

So come on over, link up with me and check out some other blogs! I'm linked up below or always on the sidebar.

I came into the fold just as GFC no longer worked on any site, EXCEPT blogs, so I never added it. Should I add GFC? Weigh in.


  1. To my knowledge (not sure if this is correct) you don't add GFC, it is just the default way that you appear as a follower when you add a blog to the reading list that appears on your Blogger dashboard. The dashboard list and GFC are not going away, only Google Reader.

  2. I think GFC is going away, too... Last year it was announced that Google Reader and GFC would both go in the next couple of years. I can't refind that article, but. :x
    I don't really do GFC, though. Just for contests... I use Bamboo, an extension for Thunderbird.

  3. I actually prefer Bloglovin' to GFC and think that if you have the Bloglovin' button available you should be fine ;)


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