Tuesday, August 7, 2018

All about Parties!!

I love parties, and especially all the planning that goes on behind the scenes. Here are a couple posts I've done about parties.
Birthday Brunch
Favorites Party

Favorite Birthday party as a child. . .
I don't know how old I turned, probably six or seven, but my mom roped off part of the living room and filled the floor with blown up balloons. I can still see all of the kids, myself included, jumping around and kicking the balloons with the sun streaming in through the sliding doors. I did a throw back Birthday edition and you can see some of my Birthday parties from back in the day here.

Do you like to entertain?
Yes, absolutely!

What kind of parties are your favorite?
Definitely theme parties. Color, season, sport, if I can theme it, I just have so much more fun with it. In fact any party I throw ends up with a theme. It really helps bring everything together.

Big or small parties?
Both. I love small, intimate dinners and big gatherings with lots of friends from different groups.

Favorite thing to do at parties?
Plan!! I love seeing everything you planned come together and all the smiley faces as guests enjoy!

Party food favorites?
Appetizers, chips and salsa, margaritas!!

Favorite flavor of Birthday cake?
Chocolate with white frosting.

Most of the time, yes. Depends on the theme, what I can find and if they "fit".

Best party song?

Gosh, one of those crowd songs like the chicken song or macarena? I don't really have party songs unless it goes with the theme.

Do you like to dance?
Yes! We're planning a sleepover at a friends house after she moves in and a dance party has already been requested!

Thanks so much to TBB for hosting these great link ups!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New With Me & Monthly Goals | August 2018

It's Thursday, it's August already and soon we'll be buying Fall decor since it's already in the stores. I love this time of year, all but the traffic that comes with back to school in Tampa.

New With Me

Linking up with Kristen. Other than the girls trip I shared about here, I had a week with the house almost to myself and was reminded why I don't live alone. I want alone time, but then when everybody is gone I get bored and end up taking half a dozen naps.

We found out this month that my brother was moving to Brooklyn with his girlfriend, so we spent a lot of time with them and they left yesterday. Excited for him because he's so musical that it's a great scene to be in, but also hoping he can make enough money to cover his half of the rent. He already has a job with his Starbucks transfer, but he'll need a side gig to do more than make rent, obviously. I'm looking forward to making a future visit since I haven't been since 2004! This also means I started watching Gossip Girl again, lol.

My sister's Haiti mission internship was kind of on hold with the political turmoil, riots and general unknown since the host missionaries were in the states for awhile. She's still going as planned and I'll be without both my siblings which will be weird.

I have been pre-planning / filming my VEDA or Vlogust content and it's finally here!! First video went up yesterday and I'm enjoying checking out the different people participating. VEDA is Video Every Day in August and some people call it Vlogust. I posted a poll on Instagram yesterday, thanks to all the voted I ended up going with Vlogust and I'm excited to see how this month goes! You can follow along on YouTube here.

August Goals

  • Lose 5 lbs. I'm leaving this on here. It's going to happen. I'd like to see 7 pounds and that would put me in a lower range than I've been in a while.
  • Finish 2 books. Since I'm doing a video everyday I don't see a lot of reading, but I want to finish at least 2 that I've already started.
  • No sweets during the week.
  • Post 31 videos and complete VEDA!
  • Get to 150 subscribers on YouTube. You can follow me here if you're not already subscribed!!

I don't have too many goals since my main focus is Vlogust this month, but I want to see some other accomplishments as well and am looking forward to this month!

July - How I did

  • Lose 5 lbs. I've been able not to gain, but I really need to see some loss.
  • I don't know what I was thinking, vacation and losing weight don't really go hand in hand...will be back at it again in August.
  • I'm going for 90 minutes of exercise a week again, because walking at lunch just started last week.
  • Committing to walking 30 minutes at lunch made for more than 90 minutes a week, not going to up it just yet, just sticking with what's working. I'm walking with WIFI and watching YouTube so if you have favorite Youtubers let me know!!
  • Finish 4 books.
  • Josh and Hazel, Unsub and harry Potter #1!!! Definitely helped that I had 24 in 48 readathon and vaca!!
  • No sweets during the week, except vaca week.
  • This almost happened...I did really good the first two weeks and then the week of the 23rd I didn't resist.
  • Post 7 YouTube videos this month. My normal Friday posts and 3 bonus videos.
  • Since I'm doing VEDA, which is video Every Day in August, I decided to stick with 1 a week through July and prep for that.
  • Update YouTube and Blog headers and headshots.
  • Did YouTube because I needed a VEDA one, but didn't get to Blog!

What's on your goal list? Do you do monthly or seasonal goals?